G.C.C.F. Breed Numbers for Oriental Agouti Short-hairs

Oriental Shaded
Oriental Spotted Tabby
Oriental Classic Tabby
Oriental Ticked Tabby

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G.C.C.F. Breed Numbers - Oriental Shaded

Breed No Colour Description Breed No Colour Description
43 Black Shaded 43s Black Silver Shaded
43a Blue Shaded 43as Blue Silver Shaded
43b Chocolate Shaded 43bs Chocolate Silver Shaded
43c Lilac Shaded 43cs Lilac Silver Shaded
43d Red Shaded 43ds Red Silver Shaded
43e Black Tortie Shaded 43es Black Tortie Silver Shaded
43f Cream Shaded 43fs Cream Silver Shaded
43fn Apricot Shaded 43fns Apricot Silver Shaded
43g Blue Tortie Shaded 43gs Blue Tortie Silver Shaded
43h Chocolate Tortie Shaded 43hs Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded
43j Lilac Tortie Shaded 43js Lilac Tortie Silver Shaded
43k Cinnamon Shaded 43k Cinnamon Silver Shaded
43m Cinnamon Tortie Shaded 43ms Cinnamon Tortie Silver Shaded
43n Caramel Shaded 43ns Caramel Silver Shaded
43p Caramel Tortie Shaded 43ps Caramel Tortie Silver Shaded
43r Fawn Shaded 43rs Fawn Silver Shaded
43y Fawn Tortie Shaded 43ys Fawn Tortie Silver Shaded

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G.C.C.F. Breed Numbers - Oriental Spotted Tabby

Breed No Colour Description Breed No Colour Description
38 Brown Spotted Tabby 38s Black Silver Spotted Tabby
38a Blue Spotted Tabby 38as Blue Silver Spotted Tabby
38b Chocolate Spotted Tabby 38bs Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby
38c Lilac Spotted Tabby 38cs Lilac Silver Spotted Tabby
38d Red Spotted Tabby 38ds Red Silver Spotted Tabby
38e Black Tortie Spotted Tabby 38es Black Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
38f Cream Spotted Tabby 38fs Cream Silver Spotted Tabby
38fn Apricot Spotted Tabby 38fns Apricot Silver Spotted Tabby
38g Blue Tortie Spotted Tabby 38gs Blue Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
38h Chocolate Tortie Spotted Tabby 38hs Chocolate Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
38j Lilac Tortie Spotted Tabby 38js Lilac Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
38k Cinnamon Spotted Tabby 38ks Cinnamon Silver Spotted Tabby
38m Cinnamon Tortie Spotted Tabby 38ms Cinnamon Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
38n Caramel Spotted Tabby 38ns Caramel Silver Spotted Tabby
38p Caramel Tortie Spotted Tabby 38ps Caramel Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
38r Fawn Spotted Tabby 38rs Fawn Silver Spotted Tabby
38y Fawn Tortie Spotted Tabby 38ys Fawn Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby

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G.C.C.F. Breed Numbers - Oriental Classic Tabby

Breed No Colour Description BreedNo Colour Description
41 Brown Classic Tabby 41s Black Silver Classic Tabby
41a Blue Classic Tabby 41as Blue Silver Classic Tabby
41b Chocolate Classic Tabby 41bs Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby
41c Lilac Classic Tabby 41cs Lilac Silver Classic Tabby
41d Red Classic Tabby 41ds Red Silver Classic Tabby
41e Black Tortie Classic Tabby 41es Black Tortie Silver Classic Tabby
41f Cream Classic Tabby 41fs Cream Silver Classic Tabby
41fn Apricot Classic Tabby 41fns Apricot Silver Classic Tabby
41g Blue Tortie Classic Tabby 41gs Blue Tortie Silver Classic Tabby
41h Chocolate Tortie Classic Tabby 41hs Chocolate Tortie Silver Classic Tabby
41j Lilac Tortie Classic Tabby 41js Lilac Tortie Silver Classic Tabby
41k Cinnamon Classic Tabby 41ks Cinnamon Silver Classic Tabby
41m Cinnamon Tortie Classic Tabby 41ms Cinnamon Tortie Silver Classic Tabby
41n Caramel Classic Tabby 41ns Caramel Silver Classic Tabby
41p Caramel Tortie Classic Tabby 41ps Caramel Tortie Silver Classic Tabby
41r Fawn Classic Tabby 41rs Fawn Silver Classic Tabby
41y Fawn Tortie Classic Tabby 41ys Fawn Tortie Silver Classic Tabby

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G.C.C.F. Breed Numbers - Oriental Ticked Tabby

Breed No Colour Description Breed No Colour Description
45 Brown Ticked Tabby 45s Black Silver Ticked Tabby
45a Blue Ticked Tabby 45as Blue Silver Ticked Tabby
45b Chocolate Ticked Tabby 45bs Chocolate Silver Ticked Tabby
45c Lilac Ticked Tabby 45cs Lilac Silver Ticked Tabby
45d Red Ticked Tabby 45ds Red Silver Ticked Tabby
45e Black Tortie Ticked Tabby 45es Black Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby
45f Cream Ticked Tabby 45fs Cream Silver Ticked Tabby
45fn Apricot Ticked Tabby 45fns Apricot Silver Ticked Tabby
45g Blue Tortie Ticked Tabby 45gs Blue Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby
45h Chocolate Tortie Ticked Tabby 45hs Chocolate Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby
45j Lilac Tortie Ticked Tabby 45js Lilac Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby
45k Cinnamon Ticked Tabby 45ks Cinnamon Silver Ticked Tabby
45m Cinnamon Tortie Ticked Tabby 45ms Cinnamon Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby
45n Caramel Ticked Tabby 45ns Caramel Silver Ticked Tabby
45p Caramel Tortie Ticked Tabby 45ps Caramel Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby
45r Fawn Ticked Tabby 45rs Fawn Silver Ticked Tabby
45y Fawn Tortie Ticked Tabby 45ys Fawn Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby

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