Some Noteable Cats with a Megrim Connection

The Foreign White

The First Foreign White Champion in 1977 was Ch. Scintilla Jou Lin & the First Male Grand Champion was Gr. Ch. Scintilla Hsing Fu. John owned both of these cats who were, of course, bred by Miss Patricia Turner.

The Oriental Spotted Tabby

The First Oriental Spotted Tabby Champion in 1980 was Ch. Folklore Moonwolf and the First Female Champion was Ch. Folklore Iced Mink. "Moonwolf" became the First Oriental Spotted Tabby Grand Champion. They were owned by the late Mrs Marie McAdam and bred from her foundation queen Megrim Cloudie Chrystalles.

The Oriental Shaded

The First Oriental Shaded Champion was Ch Chelanca Pentlandite owned & bred by Mrs Barbara Fellows, she went on to become the First Grand Champion and UK Grand Champion in the variety. She was sired by Gr. Ch. Megrim Astral Spectre, and her dam was Megrim Misty Tintsofautumn. In late 2001 she was neutered and in less than 6 months, at the grand age of seven years, she added two further titles and became
UK Gd Ch & Gd Pr Chelanca Pentlandite.

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