Blackbutts Splendour

A Scottish cvr. Large crimson blooms edged with silver.


Bon Accord Beauty

A Scottish cvr raised by the Cocker Brothers in Aberdeen. Large deep purple-blue flowers edged white.


Bon Accord Blue

Very large navy blue flowers. Distinct Polyanthus habit.


Bon Accord Cerise

Flowers cerise-pink, excellent flower formation.


Bon Accord Elegans

Flowers orchid pink edged and flecked white.



Bon Accord Gem

Flowers rosy red flushed mauve. Wavy edges to petals.



Bon Accord Jewel

Flowers deep purple shaded crimson.



Bon Accord Lavender

Flowers pure lavender with gold centre.



Bon Accord Lilac

Lilac mauve flowers with yellow at base. Rather open formation.


Bon Accord Purity

Flowers creamy white tinted green. Very full double with frilled edges.



Bon Accord Purple

Flowers burgundy purple, reverse flushed crimson. Distinct Polyanthus habit.



Flowers deep burgundy red flecked with white. Large and well formed.



Flowers deep sulphur yellow flecked with pink and brown. Flowers large and star shaped.



Chevithorne Pink

Small flowers of soft orchid pink. Distinct Polyanthus habit.


Cloth of Gold

A rich gold form of R.v.plena


Crathes Crimson

Bright purple crimson flowers

Syn : ‘Bon Accord Brightness’?



Crimson King

Flowers deep burgundy red, very full double formation.

Syn : ‘Old Scottish Double Red’



Flowers yellow flecked rose and bronze. Polyanthus habit.

Syn : ‘Golden Pheasant’



Double White

The white double form of the common primrose. Flowers chalky white carried on thin footstalks.

Syn : ‘Alba Plena’, ‘Gerards Double White’, ‘Old Double White’


Downshill Ensign

Raised by Murray Thompson in 1920’s. Flowers bright violet blue, of rather open formation. Polyanthus habit



Madame Pompadour

Brought from France circa 1800. Flowers very fully double of deep crimson with velvety texture.

Syn; : ‘Pompadour’, ‘Crimson Velvet’




Marie Crousse

RHS Award of Merit 1882. Perfect double flowers on Polyanthus stem. Flowers parma-violet flecked and edged white.



Our Pat

From Daisy Hill Nursery, Newry. Foliage deep olive green with purple flush and red veins. Flowers sapphire blue.


Prince Silverwings

Flowers crimson-lilac flecked with white and edged with silver. Orange base to petals.



Quakers Bonnet

The soft lilac double form of the common primrose. Flowers soft lilac carried on thin footstalks. One of the most beautiful of all the doubles.

Syn : ‘Lilacina Plena’, ‘P. lilacina plena



Red Paddy

Of common primrose form. Flowers rosy red flushed salmon with silver wire edge carried on thin footstalks.

Syn : ‘Irish Paddy’, ‘Sanguinea Plena’, ‘Rubra Plena’


Tyrian Purple

Cornish origin. Flowers bright purple flushed crimson of very good size.


William Chalmers

From Stonehaven, Scotland. Flowers midnight blue flushed purple.


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